I'm Ioannis

A Cloud and DevOps engineer


My name is Ioannis, I'm a Cloud and DevOps engineer living in Amsterdam. I'm currently working at 3D Hubs. This website is an attempt to aggregate my public presence on the internet.


I write my thoughts and findings on Medium and A millennial invests.

17 Sep 2020 Why acquire AWS certifications
8 Dec 2019 Lazy loading in AWS lambda with Python
15 Oct 2019 A case of migrating towards SignalFX streaming monitoring
5 Apr 2019 Developing Kong plugins
24 Oct 2018 Implementing CRUD operations with Go and MongoDB
27 Sep 2018 How to build a RESTful API in Go for phonebook app


I host my publications on ResearchGate.


I host my public presentations on SpeakerDeck.


I'm always interested in networking and collaboration on cool projects.